Chromium OS for Linux

cloud platform operating system

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  • Publishers:
    The Chromium Projects
  • License: Free
  • Capacity: 81,3 MB
  • Saved: 49
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  • System: Unix/Linux, Ubutun

Chromium OS for Linux is an open source operating system made up of a combination of Chromium source code for Linux and Chromium for Windows. This is a web-based operating system, with the two biggest highlights being fast and extremely secure access.

Chromium OS is an improved version of Chrome OS - an operating system based on cloud technology developed by Google. Chromium OS is strongly compatible with the Linux platform, allowing users to access 'folders' from within the browser, storing all necessary documents and applications for work without connection. Internet.

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In preliminary design documents, Google described Chromium as a three-layer structure: firmware, system-level software and window manager.

  • Firmware for fast booting, bypassing hardware detection;It also helps to improve security by checking every step of the system booting and recovery process.
  • System-level software: System-level software including Linux kernels that have been assembled to improve boot performance. Userland software has been enhanced under the control of Upstart - a tool to enable parallel services and suspend unnecessary applications to speed up operations.
  • Window manager: Window manager that controls interactions between users and other client windows.

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Key features of Chromium OS Linux

  • All applications are in web form.Every user experience takes place in the browser.And of course, any installation, management or update does not exist.
  • Each application contains a separate security sandbox , preventing malicious code and viruses from entering.Chromium OS does not trust any applications and every time it boots up, the operating system always requires code verification.Even if the system is attacked, the computer will still be secure by the Verified Boot tool.This feature will scan the entire system and automatically fix errors without user intervention.
  • Eliminate unnecessary processes, maximize operating processes and allow applications to run in parallel to speed up access.
  • All user data and information are stored on the Internet.
  • To use Chromium OS, Linux users need to sign up for a full Google account, and it's free.Once completed, Chromium OS will encrypt all operations and keep them completely confidential.

Currently, Chromium OS for the Linux platform continues to be studied and perfected. This cloud-based operating system promises to bring users a lot of interesting experiences.