Cisco Webex Teams

software for effective teamwork, online meeting

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  • System: Windows 7/8/10

Cisco Webex Teams is software that supports effective teamwork on computers. Webex Team is one of the outstanding products of Cisco, besides Webex Meetings - online learning software, online meeting.

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Cisco Webex Teams is free, effective teamwork software

Wherever you are - at your desk or in a team meeting, Webex Team is the perfect choice to speed up the project, build better relationships, and handle everything with confidence. In general, this is the business software needed to connect work groups, push work forward, and connect with many other tools, helping to simplify life in general.

Outstanding features of Cisco Webex Teams

  • Is software for teamwork and free group chat for businesses.
  • Text 1: 1 or in groups.
  • Integrated digital 2-way whiteboard.
  • Share files and rich content.
  • High quality video calling.
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Cisco Webex Teams supports team meetings, group chats, data sharing .

Webex Team gives you all the tools to chat or join a team meeting, collaborate effectively with colleagues or management. Anyone who uses Webex Team can start a new meeting with one button, on PC, iOS and Android platforms.

  • Cisco Webex Teams for Android
  • Cisco Webex Teams for iOS

Not only multi-functional, Webex Teams PC also ensures the safety, security for data and team work. Information that you share within the group will be trusted end-to-end encrypted. Even administrators can also manage common or personal devices with a PIN code, allowing automatic data deletion when the device is lost.

Cisco Webex Teams support the parallel use with 3rd party software to ensure the smooth workflow and the most effective.