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  • System: disk space: 2.5 GbCPU: 1 Ghz256 MB of RAM

Edubuntu - Edubuntu open source operating system

Ubuntu is currently the most widely used free and open source operating system in elementary and secondary schools worldwide. And with Edubuntu, an essential customization of Ubuntu is used exclusively for education .

Edubuntu integrates a large number of educational software applications such as GCompris, KDE Edutainment Suite, and Schooltool Calendar. Edubuntu is developed for teachers and lecturers who are not technically and technically advanced and can use it to set up a computer system, or a virtual lab in one. for a short time . and then can also manage this environment.

GNOME environment:

Is the default working environment used in Edubuntu. This environment provides file management applications, Internet browsers and system management tools. Edubuntu also offers three different work modes available: YOUNG, PLAIN and DEFAULT.

Open Office Open Source Toolkit:

Open Office includes word processing applications, calculation data, presentation tools, charting, and web security applications .

KDE Edutainment Suite:

A collection of educational software applications that make the KDE platform useful. The platform is primarily aimed at students aged 3-18, with a diversity of interfaces to suit the age of development. Besides, there are also programs that are equipped to be easily adapted to teachers, lecturers, university students . or anyone who is interested in learning.


Provide a large number of activities to stimulate the development of preschool children and kindergartens by gently introducing and guiding children from the simplest steps such as using a computer, then to algorithms, reading and writing skills .

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As the name implies, Edubuntu is gradually becoming very important in educational systems and schools.