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Google Meet or Hangouts Meet is an effective online meeting and online learning application on a web browser, suitable for business and educational environments. With Google Meet, users can hold video calls up to 30 people and with stable quality, smooth.

Together with Zoom Meetings or Cisco Webex Meetings, Google Meet is the perfect choice to work from home or study remotely during a translation season like this; Help connect people and interact in real time very easily.

Up to 30 people can chat and share with each other at the same time through Google Meet . For larger subscription packages, you can make video calls with 50, even 100 people.

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Extremely effective online meetings or distance learning with Google Meet

Users need a G Suite account to create and start conferences or learn online on Google Meet. However, participants in the classroom online or online meeting, just need a normal Gmail account. Note that the version of Google Meet Online does not support all browsers, such as Safari. You should use Google Chrome for the best experience.

How to join a meeting or an online class on Google Meet

  • Through events on Google Calendar.
  • Directly from Meet.
  • By the shared meeting path.
  • From a meeting room Google created.
  • From 3rd party systems.