Hanoi SmartCity for Android

health isolation monitoring application of hanoi city

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    CNTT Hà Nội
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  • System: Android 5.0 and above

Hanoi SmartCity for Android - Application of medical isolation monitoring of Hanoi City

Hanoi SmartCity for Android is an application that monitors the quarantine of COVID-19 by GPS just launched on Google Play. The Hanoi SmartCity application allows the city government to monitor and monitor infected people and those required to isolate COVID-19, which is similar to the NCovi application. Download the Hanoi SmartCity app for Android to join hands to combat the Corona virus disease.

At present, the situation of Covid-19 epidemic is very complicated, the people of the capital as well as the whole country are extremely confused and scared. However, the Party, the State and agencies are controlling and treating very ill patients.Hanoi SmartCity application for Android will be an effective tool to help Hanoi control those in quarantine to fulfill their rights and obligations as a citizen.

Hanoi SmartCity is an application built by IT engineers and the City People's Committee in 2 weeks to support disease prevention. This application will work by monitoring infected people and people who are required to be isolated, isolated at the residence and even people who have recovered from illness and need further medical monitoring.

The application uses a global positioning system (GPS) that is connected to the phone with the application installed and the central operating system. The supervised person does not go over the 30-meter radius, here will be reduced to 20 meters, if going beyond this radius, there will be information about the system and notify the supervised person, at the same time, warn and remind citizen. Download the Hanoi SmartCity application for Android to support disease prevention in Hanoi.