Hanoi SmartCity for iOS

covid-19 epidemic surveillance application in hanoi city

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    CNTT Hà Nội
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  • System: iOS 11.0 and above

Hanoi SmartCity for iOS - COVID-19 epidemic surveillance application of Hanoi City

Hanoi SmartCity for iOS is a medical isolation monitoring application released by the Hanoi People's Committee on the App Store next to the NCovi application. Hanoi SmartCity application for iOS will support the prevention of disease in the city more easily through the global positioning system GPS. Download the Hanoi SmartCity app for iOS to put together the Covid-19 pandemic from Earth.

At this time the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected the lives of people around the world. Many patients die and hundreds of thousands of people are positive for the virus when the vaccine has not yet been released. That is why the people, each city, each nation need to protect themselves.The Hanoi SmartCity application for iOS will undoubtedly contribute greatly to help the city government overcome this pandemic.

The Hanoi SmartCity app for iOS will work by monitoring infected people and those who are required to be isolated, isolated at the residence and even those who have recovered from illness need to continue medical monitoring. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is connected to the phone and the central operating system makes it possible for the city government to manage isolated locations.

The person being monitored will not be able to go over a radius of 30 meters, if passing this radius the system will receive signals and notify those who are isolated, notify - warn the people. For quarantined people, they can update their health information on a daily basis, and talk with representatives of the authorities about necessary information related to themselves, to limit the risk of disease spread. as well as protect your health as well as society.