Linux Mint

great open source operating system for linux

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  • System: Linux

Linux Mint is an excellent open source operating system for Linux. It is completely free and offers a wide range of applications necessary for the daily work of the PC users.

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Linux Mint operating system interface

The best way to describe the Linux Mint operating system is the image of a virtual container, where users can install either Cinnamon or MATE protocols. With Cinnamon, all major Linux Mint operations are gathered into a single menu. MATE, how to use Linux Mint is similar to GNOME 2 in Ubuntu.

Linux Mint is well known for its user-friendly operation. It has been used by hundreds of people around the world, especially those who hate the Unity interface of Ubuntu operating system designed by Canonical.

Linux Mint has separate versions for Cinnamon and MATE (64-bit and 32-bit). Users can download and install the file as a DVD ISO image easily. Alternatively, if you want, you can burn them to USB or DVD to boot directly on other devices without the need to install.

On average, the boot process is automatically programmed by the designer in 10 seconds, but advanced users can press any button to connect to the boot menu. This feature allows you to perform memory checking or boot the existing operating system on your computer hard drive. The bootsplash software that works in Ubuntu is also used in Linux Mint but the distributor logo is a little different.

Highlights when using the open source operating system Linux Mint

  • All free
  • Distributed in the form of open source, so users are free to configure program activities as they like
  • No need to update or upgrade versions like Windows
  • The way it works is similar to Windows with some software developed exclusively by Linux
  • Stable operation and easy customization

Linux Mint is currently one of the most popular free operating systems in the world. Linux Mint is especially suitable for use on low-profile machines with outdated hard drives. If you do not want to spend a lot of money to upgrade or crack Windows operating system with many security risks, Linux Mint is a good suggestion to try.