Poke Adventure H5

multi-platform pokemon game

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Poke Adventure H5 is a multi-platform pokemon trainer roleplaying game that is receiving great attention. Pokemon Poke Adventure Game H5 will take you to the journey to conquer the world of giant pokemon fantasy. Download the game Poke Adventure H5 to start collecting and training unique monsters.

The main feature of the game Poke Adventure

  • Original Pokemon game
  • Play now receive instant Pet crisis
  • Diverse gameplay: Strategy in every battle
  • Play now on any browser, no installation required
  • Beautiful graphics, return to childhood
  • Many interesting activities: PVP, PVE, Arena, Inter-server match .
  • Many other rich and attractive features
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Game Poke Adventure

Game Poke Adventure H5 will allow players to transform into Pokemon trainers. Along with your monsters you will have to overcome the fights and competitions together. Players will also perform daily tasks and participate in events to train to become the most powerful.

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Fire-type Pokemon

You will own colorful Pokemon with unique skills without having to move around like Pokemon Go. We will take turns to possess them, train and select the strongest monster to fight with other players in the arena.

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Pokemon insect

Currently the game has more than 700 different types of pokemon including traditional and evolution. A lot of exciting activities will take place in Poke Adventure H5 giving players a lot of options for players. You will never be bored in the magical world that Poke Adventure H5 brings and especially for those who love the legendary monsters pokemon, Poke Adventure H5 is the must not be missed option.