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Besides converting mathematical formulas on PDF into LaTeX - Mathpix Snipping Tool, users can also experience many interesting features in the online version Snip Web Editor , also known as Snip Notes .

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As we all know, Mathpix Snip or Mathpix Snipping Tool is a tool to extract text, including mathematical formulas, images and documents. Then, this text or LaTeX will be pasted into an editor like LaTeX or Markdown type MathType. The purpose of Snip is to save you time importing LaTeX formulas or importing data from complex tables, instead we will take pictures and paste them into the instant editor.

The Mathpix Snipping Tool is also useful in notes, when you combine mobile applications and PCs into the same workflow or through Snip Notes - this is an online Markdown editor with extended support. for LaTeX.

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Interface of Markdown online editing software Snip Web Editor

To put it more simply, Snip Web Editor or Snip Notes is an online editor that offers an HTML note experience along with a shared link.

The main feature of Snip Web Editor

  • Share homework via web link.
  • Create homework sets.
  • Create notes on class.
  • Blog posting.

Users easily paste images into the editor, they will be converted into text or LaTeX. Overall, Snip Web Editor is the perfect choice for learning and teaching in today's modern school.