modern operating system, very nice for linux

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  • Publishers:
    Solus Project
  • License: Free
  • Capacity: 781 MB
  • Saved: 55
  • Update:
  • System: Unix/Linux, Mandriva, Red Hat Enterprise, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu

Solus is a new generation Linux-based operating system, built from scratch and based on the current, powerful open source technology, such as the Systemd Init system and the groundbreaking Budgie Desktop graphics environment.

Currently, Solus is still in development, but you can download the ISO file and install it on your computer, if it is 64bit. The ISO file fits perfectly with your 1GB or larger CD or USB, allowing you to boot the system directly with the default kernel or boot the operating system currently installed on the first drive detected by BIOS.

Key features of the Linux Solus operating system

Budgie Desktop graphics environment:

The Solus operating system is built for modern desktops with a clear design. The GTK-based computer environment was designed by a development team called Budgie.

Picture 1 of Solus
The interface of the open source operating system Solus

The main feature of Budgie includes a highly efficient menu, which allows quick access to programs installed in Compact and catalog viewer. There is a notification center called Raven that helps manage notifications and customize your experience.

Manage eopkg file packages:

The Solus operating system uses a file manager, called eopk, to help you install and remove packets quickly. With eopkg, you can search for repos for packets and manage them. An efficient packet management system helps organize and keep things organized on your computer.

Comes with many applications:

The Solus operating system comes with many important applications, including: Firefox, Nautilus, Rhythmbox, Thunderbird, VLC. Solus supports many themes to make your screen more personal. In particular, it also comes with tons of fonts to choose from.

Picture 2 of Solus
The application is preloaded on the free OS Solus

Although still in development, the graphics environment of Solus Budgie Desktop has been highly appreciated by users in terms of appearance, modernity and efficiency. Many people also claim that after seeing Solus they want to remove Ubuntu immediately to install this unique operating system.

If you are using another version of Linux, you can try refreshing your computer with Solus and experience the wonderful things that this operating system brings to you.