debian kernel operating system to play steam games

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  • Publishers:
    Valve Corporation
  • License: Free
  • Capacity: 1,7 GB
  • Saved: 65
  • Update:
  • System: Debian

SteamOS - The Debian kernel operating system to play Steam games

SteamOS is an open source Linux operating system based on Debian and the GNOME environment is released by Valve Corporation. The operating system is designed to be a platform for gamers to play Steam video game consoles.

Picture 1 of SteamOS
Open source operating system interface for Linux SteamOS kernel

SteamOS was primarily designed for gaming by providing an experience like gaming consoles but with PC hardware . It can run original games developed for Linux and released on the Steam store. Users can also stream games from other Windows, Mac or Linux computers to SteamOS and it also has the same sharing features and restrictions as Steam desktop versions. Valve said that SteamOS possesses significantly improved graphics processing capabilities. The operating system is provided as open source, allowing users to build and edit the source code.

No one had thought that Valve would choose Linux to build Steam gaming operating system on open source technology. However, users can run other common Linux applications within SteamOS, thanks to the desktop mode built on the GNOMe environment. With the Linux kernel, SteamOS supports both BIOS and UEFI machines, graphics cards including NVIDIA and ATI as well as highly configurable hardware devices.

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Users can install Linux applications no different from other Linux kernel operating systems

After installation, you can choose 2 sessions to use . One is the regular SteamOS Desktop mode to use the GNOME desktop environment, and the other is the Steam session to log into your Steam account and play games. The first option brings many open source applications like Brasero to burn CDs / DVDs, the Icewweasel web browser or GNOME Screenshot, GNOME Dictionary, GNOME Terminal . If you have any questions about SteamOS, you can Read the FAQ section about operating system questions at this site to find information on installation instructions, configuration, updates and troubleshooting if any .

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Search for games in the Steam library

Picture 4 of SteamOS
Play games through the SteamOS operating system

Hardware requirements

  • 64-bit Intel or AMD processor
  • 4GB RAM memory or more.
  • 250GB or more free hard disk space.
  • AMD graphics card (Radeon 8500 or higher), Intel or NVIDIA.
  • USB and UEFI ports (recommended).

Picture 5 of SteamOS
Gamers can stream games from other computers

There are 2 ways to install SteamOS. The automatic way is recommended to use, bringing the default settings to the drive. The advanced method of using the Debian Installer allows users to customize after a few automatic steps. Note that both ways will delete all data on the device. Steps to install each way you can see at this address.

SteamOS 2.0 has a codename called Brewmaster, uses Debian 8 (Jessie) and also brings a number of changes such as automatic updates through the Valve SteamOS repository, supporting many 3rd party drivers .

Picture 6 of SteamOS
Installation options for the operating system