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speed ​​up data copying

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    Code Sector
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  • System: macOS 10.12, macOS 10.13, macOS 10.14

TeraCopy for Mac is a utility that supports copying data - files faster, more safely. This is the TeraCopy Free version for Mac, available for free on the Mac App Store.

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The main interface of data copying acceleration software - TeraCopy for Mac

TeraCopy for Windows

The main feature of the software TeraCopy for Mac

Process control

In case of a copy error, Tera Copy will try to fix the situation. If the process cannot be restored, the tool will skip the error file instead of stopping the entire copying process.

The error files will be ignored to avoid losing time copying all the data. During this process, TeraCopy will display errors and allow users to fix by copying these files at any time, including after restarting the computer.

File validation

TeraCopy Full supports authenticating the copied file to ensure it is exactly the same as the original file. This process is done by comparing source data and target data. TeraCopy supports MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512 algorithms.

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Tera Copy for Mac offers a range of features for faster, more secure data copying

Integrate with Finder

TeraCopy allows you to quickly select a folder to open in Finder and use it as the destination folder.

The process is faster

TeraCopy 2019 can save the latest file transfer history and repeat it if necessary.

Import multimedia files

Copy photos and videos from removable storage to a folder based on the shooting date. The source, destination and file types will be customized for all or specific selected devices.

Data export report

Save the file list with all related information like MD5, HTML or CSV file.

Other features:

  • Shell integration: copy files into the open folder in the Finder using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + V.
  • Export report (Pro version): save file list with all related information like HTML and CSV files.
  • Edit file list (Pro version): unnecessary files and folders will be removed to reduce data transfer time.
  • Preserve time stamps: save the original time and date of the data when copying.
  • Trusted by experts: TeraCopy is available in DEFT (Digital Evidence & Forensics Toolkit).