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  • System: Android 4.2 and above

TocoToco for Android is the TocoToco milk tea ordering application for Android phones on Google Play. TocoToco application for Android will help you quickly have sweet milk tea cups with a few touches of the screen of the famous TocoToco milk tea company. Download the TocoToco Android app to instantly select your favorite milk tea flavor.

Salient features of TocoToco for Android

  • Update promotion policy quickly
  • Earn points for receiving gifts
  • Free milk tea delivery, free of charge
  • Get advice from official staff

Currently, there are many ways to order milk tea online through Grab, Now, etc. However, TocoToco has built its own application for ordering drinks to serve customers themselves. When users order milk tea on the TocoToco app for Android , we will be taken care of directly by TocoToco employees instead of a 3rd party shiper.

TocoToco for Android application has a simple interface, easy to use. You just need to click and customize the taste to your liking then order. Especially with the first order, you will receive a discount of up to 50% and a discount of 10% on subsequent orders for milk tea without limit of the order amount.

All in-store promotions will be applied for online ordering of TocoToco milk tea. In addition, after registering a member to login TocoToco for Android you will be rewarded with points for each invoice in exchange for attractive gifts from TocoToco.Download the TocoToco app for Android to quickly enjoy milk tea with many attractive offers.