Ubuntu Server

open source operating system for server

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  • License: Free
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  • System: Windows

Ubuntu Server is an open source server operating system and is completely free. Ubuntu Server is not only highly economical, but also has good technical support for data centers, public or private.

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Whether you want to deploy OpenStack Cloud or Hadoop Cluster or 50,000 node system, Ubuntu Server always meets the needs of users, but still maintains the performance.

Update to the latest Ubuntu Server?

  • Support for 5 years by Canonical.
  • Install Ubuntu Core Snaps.
  • Stable, feature-rich ZFS file system.
  • This is the first product to have DPDK - a high speed Kernel network.
  • Certified by AWS, Microsoft Azure, Joyent, IBM and HP Cloud.
  • Integrated system service manager and Linux 4.4 Kernel.
  • Running on all platforms - x86, x86-64, ARM v7, ARM64, POWER8 and IBM s390x (LinuxONE).
  • Linux LXD enhancements for QoS and resource control (CPU, memory, Block I / O, storage).
  • Updated to Tomcat (v8), Postgresql (v9.5), Docker v (1.10), Puppet (v3.8.5), Qemu (v2.5), Libvirt (v1.3.1), LXC (v2.0) and MySQL (v5.6).

Landscape - server management

Landscape allows you to manage thousands of Ubuntu easily, making it easier to manage Ubuntu computers, servers, and the cloud at less cost. The tool is easy to install, easy to use and requires no special hardware.

  • Wide range management.
  • Deploy or downgrade security updates.
  • Supervision report.
  • Access by authorization.
  • Monitoring information.

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Ubuntu Server on Power platform

Besides ARM and x86 servers, Ubuntu is also supported on the Power platform. For enterprise data centers, users can build their own infrastructure according to the hardware selected.

Performance and flexibility

Ubuntu Server Edition operates fast, safely, can be deployed anywhere, helping businesses manage data, systems . effectively.

Whether you are deploying NoSQL database, web or cloud, Ubuntu Server can meet the performance and flexibility you need. Certified by OEM and integrated with many comprehensive management tools, businesses will have the most stable, fast and smooth infrastructure!

Ubuntu Server operating system supports most new applications. It is the perfect choice for businesses to manage large and large databases.