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ViettelStudy for Android - Free online learning application

ViettelStudy for Android is an online learning application developed by Viettel. ViettelStudy application for Android acts as an online learning social network, built with the aim to accompany students in the process of learning and cultivating knowledge and skills. Download the Viettel Study for Android app to start participating in effective, convenient online learning.

ViettelStudy application for Android aims at two essential components of a school: teachers and students. Besides, the application also meets the wishes of Parents who can monitor the entire learning process - the academic results of their children. Especially in the time when the Covid-19 pandemic was raging today, online learning is the key to connecting teachers and students.

At each level, ViettelStudy will have different ways to build a curriculum. For elementary students, the lessons will be made simple and integrated into each game to improve learning efficiency. At the secondary school level, the application provides active learning, offering learning pathways to achieve specific goals.

For high school students, they will be oriented to develop self-studying and anti-knowledge gap solutions to help them achieve high results in the national high school exam. Certainly ViettelStudy for Android will be the best companion app to help teachers and students to learn together in this epidemic period.