VNPT Elearning for iOS

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    VNPT Corporation
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  • System: iOS

VNPT Elearning for iOS - Free online learning application

VNPT Elearning for iPhone is an online learning application developed by VNPT. VNPT Elearning application for iOS will help teachers create online classes to teach students effectively and easily. Download the VNPT Elearning app for iOS to start taking useful online courses.

VNPT Elearning application for iOS brings the most suitable teaching solution at the time of outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic. Together, we will implement the StayHome campaign through learning and working online for free to combat the Covid-19 epidemic.

Currently, VNPT Elearning for iOS is free of charge for all users, teachers can easily organize online lessons and interact with students like normal classes. You can manage students, organize exams, test assignments, etc. effectively no less than the direct test.

In the meantime, in addition to online learning, parents can also let their children study on Hanoi TV or join the Distance-learning Classroom to supplement missed knowledge during their absence from school. . However, online learning will be more effective because of the interaction between teachers and students. Teachers will also monitor student review after each lesson. Download the VNPT Elearning app for iOS to quickly join online lessons so that you will not forget your knowledge when you quit school to avoid translation.