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Messages for web or Google Messages, Android Messages is Google's free, official chat app on a web browser. The Messages app is a simple yet useful chat app to compete directly with iMessage and many other OTP apps.

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Salient features of Messages by Google

Versatile chat application

Create more fun and more productive conversations.Android Messages supports sharing high-quality multimedia content, free messaging, knowing when friends are replying to messages, and smooth group chat support.

Simple connection

Extremely simple messaging with Google Messages . Send messages to anyone from the web browser, anytime, anywhere. When it's dark or in poor light conditions, Dark Mode is a savior to help protect your eyes.

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Messages is Google's free, versatile chat application

Experience Google at your fingertips

Easily ask Google Assistant for help with useful information, directly in your chat window.

Do more, do less

Messages helps you experience more than 1 regular chat service. Such as finding and sharing everything easier, replying messages with one click, even paying online in the chat window.

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Messages supports many useful sharing and chatting features

Express yourself

Use GIF images or stickers instead of words to say.

Job support

See useful information about work and work - all in the same Google Messages app.